PM PRANAM Yojana - Online application, Eligibility objectives, Beneficiaries


The central government provides subsidy on chemical fertilizers to provide assistance to farmers across the country. But now a problem has arisen before the government that chemical fertilizers are being used a lot by farmers. Due to which the subsidy burden on the central government is increasing. To solve this problem, the central government is considering launching a scheme. The name of this scheme is PM Pranam Yojana (Promotion of Alternate Nutrients for Agriculture Management Yojana- PM PRANAM). The basic objective of the PM Pranam Yojana is to reduce the subsidy burden on chemical fertilizers. If you are a farmer, then you must read this article at the bottom. Because we will tell you what benefits will be given to the central government as well as the kishan Bhai of the country from PM Pranam Yojana?
PM PRANAM Yojana - Online application, Eligibility objectives, Beneficiaries

The purpose of PM Pranam Yojana

Scheme Name PM Pranam Yojana
Started By By Central Government
Purpose Reducing the increasing subsidy burden of chemical fertilizers on the central government
Beneficiary Central government and country's farmer brothers
Department Fertilizer Department
Year 2022
अधिकारिक वेबसाइट
The main objective of launching the PM Pranam Yojana launched by the central government is to lighten the burden of increasing chemical fertilizer subsidy on the government. Because in today's time, the demand of all the farmers of the country is being studied under the chemical fertilizer, so the subsidy burden on the central government is increasing every year. It is being estimated by the government that in the Union Budget 2021-22 last year, Rs 79530 crore was allocated as chemical fertilizer subsidy. Which has increased to Rs 1.40 lakh crore in the revised estimate and in 2021-22, the final stain has reached 1.62 lakh crore. Under this year, the government has set a budget of 1.05 lakh crore by the central government in the year 2022-23. It has been provided by the fertilizer minister of our country that this year the subsidy figure can cross up to Rs 2.25 lakh crore. It is said by the minister that this figure will increase like this every year. Therefore, it has been decided by the central government to start the PM Pranam Yojana.

Benefits and Features of PM PRANAM Yojana

  • The direct benefit of the PM Promotion of Alternative Nutrition for Agriculture Management Scheme will be given to the central government as well as to the farmer brothers.
  • The increasing subsidy burden on chemical fertilizers will be reduced through this PM PRANAM Scheme.
  • The subsidy burden is expected to be 2.25 lakh crore in 2022-23, which will be 39% higher than last year's figure.
  • The use of chemical fertilizers by farmers is increasing all over the country. To reduce this use and reduce the burden of subsidy, the PM PRANAM Yojana is being considered to launch.
  • Under PM PRANAM Yojana, the central government will give grants to the state governments for asset creation related to technology adoption of alternative fertilizers and alternative fertilizer production units at village, block, district level.
  • This grant will be financed from the savings of existing fertilizer subsidies under schemes run by the Department of Fertilizers.
  • According to the report, top officials of the Union Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, who have taken up this scheme, have shared the information about the proposed scheme with the state government officials during the National Conference on Agriculture for the Rabi campaign held on 7th September.
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